Girl with hope

Have you read about a girl who gave people hope to feel

That life was good and worth to love for real

And never worth to complain any sides of it

Take care of the moments and people bit for bit

She was just 18 with cancer som mean

Got weaker and weaker in between

But always had a good word to say to others

Inspired and wise as seen

So unfair to see the young people go away

By something that no one should have to fear

Or even have to wear

Everybody should feel okay

Have you seen the girl who gave people hope to live

Always stay strong no matter what your life will bring

Be good without being mean

She learned us to see life clearly she learned us to see life clearly


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06.des.2009 kl.22:19

S fint! Har du skrevet det selv?


07.des.2009 kl.15:16

UTSTTT: Ja! Det har jeg!

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